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    If you fall within one of these categories:

    - You’ve labored for months to write your novel and now you want a fresh pair of eyes.
    - You want a second opinion, but your mom and friends, or even your (online) writing group don’t give you any useful feedback.
    - You can’t (or simply don’t want to) pay the expensive fee of a critique service or a developmental editing.

    Then maybe you'll be interested in my beta reading service.

    I’m a published author (using pen names), writing in romantic comedy and dystopian YA genres—meaning, I’m familiar with plot, story structure, character arcs, hook, and other writing techniques. I can therefore offer you a better feedback than your average readers, friends, or online writing group members. I offer beta reading service because I love helping other writers, and only require a small fee of $1 per 1000 words (minimum 25,000 words).

    More info & sample reviews on my website:

    Looking forward to beta read your novel. :)

    Chessie Todd