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    I am going to start a promotion with the goal of gaining subscribers to my blog (The Amazing Adventures of the Texas Aquilones).

    I ask that if you received this my email (or any means) that you forward it to all your friends so that they can have an opportunity at a free book.
    Here is the promotion info:

    For a limited time, anyone who subscribes (and confirms) to my blog (Subscribe Page and fill out name and email and click “Sign Up”) will receive a FREE copy of the eBook “The Land of Ather” (Day One in the “Quest for the Golden Book” story) in PDF form. This book was the #10 best selling Christian fiction book on Amazon for the week ending January 7th making it one amazing gift.

    Quest for the Golden Book story:
    Caught in the fury of a sudden storm, John Kardinairo seeks shelter in a bookstore. Thrust into a strange land, his mundane life is forever altered as he embarks on an epic adventure. Trapped in the perilous battle between good and evil, he’ll face vile creatures, a fire breathing dragon and the wrath of the evil Lord Aquzar. Drawn into a search for love, truth, and God, he desperately seeks the mysterious Golden Book. Focused on getting home, will he succumb to the forces of evil or unlock the riddles, retrieve the book and escape the Land of Ather?

    The Land of Ather : “Day One” in the Quest for the Golden Book story :
    Thunderstruck by an enigmatic bookstore owner, John Kardinairo finds himself magically transported to the strange land of Ather. Challenged to find the mysterious Golden Book in seven days, he reluctantly begins an adventure with the help of Lord Mathetes, who once almost completed the same quest. Accompanied by Burech, a fairy-like person who knows all too well the evil that lies in wait, John struggles to survive while defying the fearsome Zanachs to save a woman’s life. Will he fall victim to the evil Lord Aquzar’s clutches or rise victoriously to achieve his quest?

    This is one amazing book and one amazing promotion. We are excited to be offering it. So, hurry up and sign up today before the promotion ends.