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    Hey everyone. My name is Jose Sevilla Ho and I’ve just clambered onto this great cruise ship of yours (I know it’s no cruise being an indie anything!) My first novel Roses from San Gabriel was published in Melbourne Australia in 2005. After about five years it went out of print and since the copyright reverted to me I decided to republish it through Kindle Direct Publishing and it's now available on Amazon. Having experienced the twin misfortunes of publisher neglect and agent sloth, I have resolved to take up self-publishing options for my upcoming projects, and I find the signs very encouraging. What was once a derogatory term "self-published", is earning the respect of mainstream publishing and agents, so much so that the parasites of the industry are threatening to invade again, in the form of "agent-curated self-publishing." Though this is something to be wary of, it’s undeniably a good sign, since we know good feeding grounds are present where sharks abound.
    My background is actually in film, so the idea of raising funds on your own is not new. I graduated from The Moscow Film Institute, where I was required to take up two years of acting, as well as Art History. I often dip into those disciplines to find solutions to problems I encounter in writing. From Art History I constantly bring up the fact that "Impressionism" started out as a derogatory term coined by art critic Louis Leroy to describe the strange new movement that was flying in the face of Academic Art at the time. Now, who on earth would dare deride Impressionism? Sound familiar?
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    Hello, welcome to Indieauthors Jose! It is great to meet you, and have you here!