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    I learned of this site in the Amazon community forum. About me, umm...this is what I put on my profile: I went straight from high school into the U.S. Navy where I spent the next twenty years traveling around the world. My mother is an avid romance connoisseur and has stacks of them around the house reading them like children eat candy. As a teen I was determined I wouldn't stick my nose in a book and ignore the world in that manner, but being a female in a male dominated military in the late seventies was not conducive to friendship building. My first duty assignment was an small island in the Azores and after spending a weekend seeing all there was to see I ended up in the base bookstore.

    "Restoree" by Anne McCaffrey was my first purchase and I credit her with my enduring and passionate love affair with books ever since! I emailed her my story and gratitude through a fan website once to which she personally responded with her opinion about that particular story and why she wrote it. I framed that email and kept it as one of my most prized possessions (along with my childhood teddy bear) until its loss due to an evil ex-husband; however, I was able to rescue the teddy bear and my mom sewed its arm back on. I love writing and sharing my imagination with whomever chooses to partake and hope that someday I will inspire someone to love reading as Ms. McCaffrey inspired me.

    I have two books published on Amazon (After The Storm & Following Nightshade) but will admit I think the second is far better than the first. With the first I was trying to follow what I thought were the rules regarding number of chapters, number of words in chapter…blah, with the second I just wrote. So, nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Hello, and welcome to Indieauthors katycatts! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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    Welcome get you a cool avatar soon so we can have something to identify you with. Nice to meet you, and yes we have to learn our own formula for writing. I like nice short clean chapters that keeps the book moving fast. :)

    Samantha Fury
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