Indie Author Event In Georgia

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    It's official :) Georgia Indie Author Event to be held September 27th, 2014. If you're an indie author and interested in the event please like the link to the official GA Authors Indie page :) The event will be from 12-5. Authors are free to bring their books to sell as well. The café that's hosting it is connected to a book store. The book store agreed to let us sell our books during the event, but the procedure is that you bring whatever books you have to sell, they put it into their system and they mark the book 10% off the initial listing prices. Then they get 30% and the author gets 60% of every book they sell during the event. This is a standard for this book store whenever they have authors have events. Feel free to bring any swag. There will be tables there to decorate/set up. They are small coffee sized tables though. If you want to bring your own table feel free but please keep it to a small four person card table size. Cost is donation towards advertising for the event. I plan on advertising on FB and getting a PR done. So it would be nice to get around ten dollars from each indie author as a donation towards advertising. I also ask that you spread the word to all your friends, share on your facebooks, twitters, blogs etc. :) Each author will have twenty to thirty minutes in the main area to answer Q n A read from their novel, and talk about their books. The venue that's hosting this for us is called Boulder Creek Coffee in Buford GA. It is connected to the book store called books for less. I AM SO PUMPMED about this event, and really think it's a great opportunity for all of us indies out there in the Atlanta GA area. I plan on getting the word out there via, fb groups, blogs, twitter, and many other social media avenues. I'm also going to pass out flyers, and alert local media. If the event is a success we can make it annual. Please spread the word to all you know and if you'd like to be a featured author please let me know. It'll be first come first serve. and I'm looking to have 10-15 authors. If you have any questions please post below. I'm going to start working on banners/flyers, etc tonight!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am. Message me if you're interested in signing up. Also like the fb fan page for it so you can be kept updated. the link is
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    Sounds like a great event to attend, I will not be able to make it, a bit far for me to travel. I will help spread the word though.