I'Ve Made A Tough But Logical Decision

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    We all know how tough it is in the trade of writing books. It seems that for the past two years I've been working toward being a published novelist. Taking classes, reading books on writing, sending out queries, researching, honing the craft, making a blog and twitter, act, all while also building my career as an article writer with a magazine I've been working with.
    However, this has come at a price. Everyone is different, but I am not one of those people who can crank out novels like I'm a story telling machine. Honestly, its costumed to much of my life.

    Today I've decided to take a long break from novel writing and pursue a more practical career in something like magazine writing. I am already a contributing writer for a publication dedicated to the arts and have published 20 pieces with them so far. The editor there has known me for a year now and always takes my articles. I'm getting ready to apply for a job there. There are some factors that led me to this decision.

    1) I'm only 23 years, but I'm stuck in the chair so much, I haven't been able to fulfill my health and exercise goals for 2012.

    2) There's so many new opportunity out there as far as technical writing goes, that I can't allow novel writing to keep me from exploring them.

    3) The book industry is enduring a huge change right now. Publishers are hesitant more than ever to take a chance on new writers, including mid size small indie publishers. And self-publishing, unless you have sales, can be very expensive and cost lots of money, which I don't have.

    4) The thought of leaving this field and just writing fiction for fun makes me feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. :) I feel so happy. I'll still be on here :) all the time. I know many of you from the Christian Writers Forum. You all are so supportive and friendly, and are a pleasure to talk to.

    Anyways, love you all! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.