K. Brown Freelancer Turned To Marketing Consultant

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    Student, marketing consultant, brother, family man– these words barely give you the exact definition of me, so here's another shot.

    Hi, my name is Krystain Brown. For as long as I can remember I love reading; as a kid I was reading books beyond my level, wondering one day if I could write books with that much perfection. A shame to admit, but I backed down after the inability to finish my own novel. Currently, I’m finishing continuous education in Public Speaking, Marketing and English & Composition – these classes with a little bit of freelancing, gave me the qualifications to start a new dream of marketing and consulting for those authors who needed assistance.

    Do I have a goal?

    To be honest, every person, company and businessman should have a goal – my goal while pertains the company I have just launched is more personal. My goal is to be recognized for my talents, to do something good in my life I can be proud of. This right here is the start of that goal and by February 20th, I hope to have at least one client that has given me a chance.
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    Hello Krystain, welcome to Indieauthors! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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