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    Hey guys,

    I represent Reveille Records, a small independent record label specializing in punk, indie, and alternative music. Our main focus so far has been working with artists to get their music up for sale digitally and on vinyl. But we are currently looking into opening up a side-division of the label and open it up to authors. Our focus would be on digital publishing and very small print runs (at least at first).

    We are now taking submissions for the project. Anyone can submit their story, we'll read it and if we like it pass it around to a few other people to get different perspectives and then move forward from there.

    Since we are a "punk rock" music label we are trying to gear our books towards those types of readers. I am an avid reader myself and the problem I often run into with "punk rock" in literature is that it is often described with a lot of hyperbole. Our aim is to choose stories that include punk/indie/alt music in a very subtle and honest way. So, no cutting, giant mohawks, and obsessive drug use. Not to say that these do not occur in the culture, but not at all to the extent that writers/media make it out to be.

    We have a very specific audience that we are trying to cater towards and because of that we have some guidelines as to what we are looking for:
    - Must be complete/near complete
    - Must be a novel (no short stories please)
    - Must include above mentioned musical genres in some small way, but does NOT have to be about music at all. i.e. It can be a sic-fi novel with a protagonist with a "punk" mindset or a teen fiction novel that deals with issues that teens whom may be into these musical genres are into.

    You can SUBMIT your stories to this address: contact [@] reveillerecords.com

    Reveille Records
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    Thanks for sharing I thought I would bump this.