Lost Cost & Inexpensive Marketing For Indie Authors!

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    Authors – My name is Krystain Brown, a marketing consultant for authors. I’m offering an inexpensive service for authors, a full refund for the unsatisfied and qualifications for those inquiring. Now, who says you shouldn’t choose me? I provide a full range of expertise and managing that’ll help take your book from its current state in no time. The best part, it’s only $20.00 per month – all dissatisfied customers receive a full refund, so there’s nothing to lose. Check out my site at (http://atpmarketingco.wix.com/atpmco) and read an excerpt from my website telling you what I can do:

    “At A.T.P I will provide you with the following:

    I – help you establish an author’s dedicated profile to assist you in promoting your book via Twitter and Facebook.

    I – will assist you in managing your posts; you tell me what you want to be promoted and I take care of the rest.

    I – will market your book to your targeted audience.

    I – will generate a unique brand, contest and giveaway for you!

    I – will contact and set-up local bookstores, supermarkets and libraries in your area for book signings, interviews and questions/answers. Providing readers with face to face interaction.

    I – will market your book on more than your normal internet channels providing you with more readers and free reviews.

    I – will establish an attractive bio.

    I – will connect you to those who are looking to offer free interviews via email, phone, podcast and radio.

    With a lot more “I wills” it’s time that I end this with, “I promise to provide you with the best quality and service possible, however, if there comes a time in which you – as the customer, is dissatisfied, I will provide you with a full and total refund.”

    With our provided service we charge a flat rate of $20.00 per month - no hidden costs or fees. All payments will be accepted the beginning of the second week of our agreement.”

    While it took time, I was once a freelancer and now, I’m a businessman – I’m here to market for you and my services and price just prove that I’m worth the try. Feel free to contact me via my website or atpmarketingco@gmail.com

    Recently, I'm offering a discount due to this week's Valentine's Day! Now I'm only charging $10.00 per month per author!
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    Hi Krystain, looks like a great site to help authors. Thanks for posting it!