My Accidentally Fun Summer

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    Hello! I've recently published my first tweeny-bopper novel! 'My Accidentally Fun Summer' is available on Amazon and Kindle! Check out my FB Page! [twitter]@LadySuzetteA[/twitter]


    Going to camp was supposed to be boring, right?​

    When thirteen year old Calliope Thornton's parents sent her to summer camp, she thought it was the end of the world. Spending an entire summer with strangers? She faced worse problems as well; Callie was always bad at making friends and constantly wished she looked like someone else since the mirror was her number one bully.

    However, during her eight week stay, she meets some very colorful people and uncovers a real mystery! Will she figure it out? Will the camps heartthrob notice her? Will she make new friends? Most of all, will she finally accept herself?

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    Congratulations on your first tweeny-bopper novel! Sounds like a book my daughter would enjoy, I will pass it along to her.