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    Jun 13, 2016
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    I'm trying to decide whether to move to Ingram Spark as a distributor. Does the broader reach make a difference in sales? I was distributing through Bookbaby, and nobody could find my book. Amazon separated it out from my other works. You had to specifically search the title to find the book on Amazon. I put links on ads and communications, but grassroots, word of mouth had to work to get to it.

    Is the distribution and seller reach of Spark worth the trouble?

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    Sep 4, 2016
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    First, Spark isn't much of a hassle. Super user-friendly. Way better than LSI, but not quite as simple as Createspace, though almost.

    Second, if your books are all over the place, you need to go to Amazon Author Central, create an account, and claim your books. You'll then have a dedicated author page that will dispaly all your books. The link in my signature is to just such a page, and you can see it has all my books in one place.

    Third, Spark is Ingram. Createspace's expanded distribution is also utilizing Ingram. So if you don't use CS's expanded distribution, yeah, use Spark.

    There are a few reasons to use Spark over Createspace, namely the product is superior(though not by a huge margin), and spark lets you use your own ISBNs and access the distribution network without having to use one of Createspace's ISBNs.

    Hope that helps.