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    As I was going through all the posts in IWU on Facebook I found this site. I immediately clicked on the link and joined. Looks like a fun place to be and I look forward to meeting, talking and promoting each and everyone of the authors on this site.

    About Me:

    Good God, you guys want to know MORE about me? Okay, fine then. Here goes. My husband has longish brown hair and pretty hazel eyes. Ooohhhh, wait. That had nothing to do with me, did it? You two can blame yourselves for this bio because you really got me onto having to think about the least related answer while tying it all together. Heaven’s to Betsy, do you know what you’ve done? On the upside, I’ve never laughed so hard putting a bio together and haven’t had so much fun with an interview…Ever.

    Should I get more serious now? Nah! Here’s the 411 on the Head Wingnut in Charge…Or at least I am in my head. I’m an awesome writer and I buy in bulk whenever possible because the dozens of kids that I have eat a LOT! Okay, so that was a bit of an exaggeration but they seem like dozens when they all get going. Can I get an “Amen?” And why does it seem like all of them like to get an ornery attitude at the exact same time? Do they synchronize their watches and plan this stuff ahead of time? One of my favorite colors is that orangey yellow of the school bus even though it’s a horrible eye sore.

    Okay, now that you all know I’m a writer with a husband and children, I could let you know that I like to drink Guinness stout and I got mad when they took the widget out of the bottle. You know, that little plastic thingy that made noise when you were getting the stuff that looks like coffee grounds (Mmmm…coffee) out of the bottom of your beer bottle. I think people decided that the widget took up too much space that could’ve been better used for more beer. Not that I don’t understand, I guess I just like crunchy beer or something like that. I like to chew that last swallow of my stout. I’m going to stop this bio before it gets any more idiotic.

    Description of Sins of the Father (My newest work):

    A minister losing touch with his faith…

    A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future…

    An evil older than time itself…

    When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron’s life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured child.

    Where you can find me and my book:
    Sins of the Father on Amazon US -

    Sins of the Father on Amazon UK -

    My Blog -
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    Love the bio! :) Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome. Why is it we writers can't introduce yourself without writing a book. LOL! I know I'm the same way. I'm always writing this
    or that and mom will say . . . that's the writer coming out in you.

    That said, nice to meet you. I was a member of that group and it's a great group. I hope to join back again when the dust settles around here in what I call my life.

    Glad you checked us out, feel free to open doors, peek in and look around, if you see something you like jump in, if not start something new. LOL!

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