WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE- psychological thriller

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    "Although the psychological world and the spiritual world function on different planes, sometimes, and only sometimes, they collide.

    -Patrick Lucid

    When the lights go out, and you’re left in the dark, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do for a second chance. And Shawn Walters, in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, isn’t any different.

    Plagued by psychological symptoms, Shawn had difficulties appreciating anything, including his own life. Praying for death to come and end his existence, Shawn’s wish came true.

    Commencing at a celebratory party for passing the sixth grade, hosted by his mother, Rebecca, Shawn suffered an unexplained heart-failure while swimming in his family’s pool. A few days later, after the medical professionals failed to find anything wrong with him, Shawn was discharged with a clean bill of health.

    Shawn’s mental instability took a turn for the worse, when he experienced a horrifying hallucination of someone he knew all too well. Overwhelmed by emotion and unafraid of dying, Shawn decided death was the easiest way out. After a failed suicide attempt, Shawn was admitted to Mountain Springs Psychiatric Hospital.

    Meanwhile, Patrick Lucid, a psychotherapist, known for curing the most damaged patients, was experiencing his own set of unexplained circumstances. Patrick was lured into accepting Shawn as his patient, by an unknown force with its own plan. And soon there after, Patrick's life began deteriorating, as a personal secret emerged from the darkness. The closer Patrick inched to unearthing Shawn's original identity, the more he realized everything was happening for a reason. Faced with the decision to release his secret in order to expose Shawn's, Patrick understood that his life would never be the same.

    Exploring the fragility of the human mind, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, is told through the perspective that many refuse to go, the truth. In the end, death is inevitably free, but receiving a second chance comes with a price.
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    Sounds great, congratulations! Hope your novel does great!