Where To Find Indie Authors Interested In Review Swaps?

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    Aug 22, 2013
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    My apologies, I just realized that I might have initially posted in the wrong forum and my posting is more appropriate here...

    My book "The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Teachings of Siduri and How Siduri's Ancient Advice Can Help Guide Us to a Happier Life" was recently independently published on Amazon:


    Since publication it has gathered roughly a dozen mostly very positive reviews. However, this is still but a fraction of the number of reviews the most popular "Epic of Gilgamesh" books have. I am interested in increasing the number of reviews of the paperback version of my book and would more than happy to review others book in turn to help other independent authors get more reviews for their books. Does anyone know of websites where I might find likeminded indie authors?

    A PDF of my book can be freely downloaded from:

    And any author who wished for me to review their book can email me a PDF of their book to Professor.Peter.Dyr@gmail.com. Please note that I would like to review at least the first chapter/section of your book before I agree to review it. I have no desire to hurt indie authors by posting negative reviews, so if your book is not my cup of tea I reserve the right to decline a review swap.

    Peter Dyr
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    Thanks for sharing, this time of year the forum is a bit slow but as winter sets in here in the states I think things will start buzzing again.

    Thanks for sharing
    Samantha Fury