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    Sep 7, 2013
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    I just recently signed up for a You Tube channel. I made a decent video and need to know if there are any other ways
    I can get more views. I tried to list as many keyword tags as possible. What is the best marketing strategy for more

    Should I just keep posting comments on health related blogs? So many blogs do not have a signature aspect to help
    direct others to your site.

    Thanks for any direction or advice

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    Feb 20, 2013
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    The best marketing advice is prayer. For a believer, all sales come from Him [though it is certainly possible for the Creep to give you a temporary feeling of complacency because you are doing so well]. Prayer is important in several areas.
    • It produces direct results in sales
    • It reveals and build relationships with readers and others who will be key in the development of you as an author, and your brand as a viable reality.
    • It will greatly help your writing abilities—and that includes the writing of your description and other marketing copy.
    • It will call people alongside to help you.
    More and more I see the core as — prayer. This is not whining, begging prayer, but thoughtful discussions with your Lord and Master. He'll show you and tell you what to do. You may find confirmation from others, but the major impetus need s to be from the Lord.
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    Some great tips there about prayer, and I think there is nothing like prayer to get you motivated and going in the right direction. I would suggest that you blog also, blogs don't have to be long they just need to be good reading. It shocks me every month at the hits that I get on older articles. I suggest that you take points from the book and blog about them in depth. Getting folks interested in your reading is a great way to get sales.